Imagine how your business would transform if you got clarity on your message, nailed down your offer, identified your ideal client…and if you discovered a whole new (predictable!) way to market and sell…while getting access to a mentor who actually understands you and your unique challenges as an idea-driven, quickstart, passionate solo business owner…

Good. Because we’re about to make it real. Together.
(And it’s only going to take 7 weeks.)

(If you’ve been trying to figure this all out yourself, duct-taping your marketing plan or just treating your business like a booty call…this is the deep-dive you’ve been praying for!)

Dear Vision-Driven, Creative, Wildly Cool (and yes, sometimes scattered) Business Owner,

Here are 5 things I’m pretty sure I know about you. See if they sound about right…

1 – You’re great at your genius work.

You’re awesome. Your clients love you. But when it comes to business, you mostly wing it.When things don’t work or clients dry up, you throw things on the wall to see what sticks or do things that aren’t authentic. In the end, it’s a never-ending cycle of reactivity and panic.

2 – You can’t seem to do anything consistently.

You hear about systems. You even love the idea of them!  But you spend most days putting out fires or reacting to emotions.

3 – You loathe selling.

When people ask about your services, you blurt whatever comes to mind. Then you don’t hear from them again. So you end up ruminating: now what? should you follow up again? will they get annoyed? did you say something offensive?

4 – You’re smart.

You’re SO smart!  You should be able to figure this business stuff out, right? You pride yourself on being a DIY type. But these days, it all just feels like a hamster wheel.

5 – You’re great at ideas.

You get a new idea, you put it out there, and hey it works! Until it doesn’t. Then you try another idea. But now you’re getting tired and stressed. Which leads to avoidance. Ultimately, you don’t take your business very seriously.

In fact, here’s a comment from Uplevel Cafe that says it all:

Well, the question is: Are you ready to change?

Are you ready to Uplevel?

Are you ready for clarity?

Are you ready to create real, predictable, repeatable success?  

And most important…

Are you ready to learn from someone who’s been where you are, who understands your unique challenges, who built a wildly successful business in the tough waters of the entertainment industry for 15 years…and then reinvented herself to create another business totally from scratch – building a company, a team, systems, marketing sequences – all based in authenticity and soul?  

And are you ready to start right now? (No more excuses. No more waiting. No more “I’ll be ready when…”)  

I mean, RIGHT NOW?  (Exactly as you are. Imperfect as you are. With all the uncertainty and confusion that occupies your mind on any given day.)

If there’s a yes in your heart, then here’s an invitation for you.

(It’s one-time-only. And we will fill up fast.)

I’m calling it the Uplevel Your Business Coaching Intensive.  

In response to the brilliant questions and comments I’m seeing in Uplevel Cafe, I’ve decided to open up a coaching immersion, the likes of which I haven’t done in ten years since I started Uplevel You.

I’m selecting a small group of business owners. I will be your coach, trainer and general bootcamp leader in an immersion experience that will add thousands to your income, create a regular stream of ideal clients, set you up for future success…

…and we’ll top it all off by spending three days together at a retreat where we will create a strategy for you…a game plan based on the clarity you’ve achieved.

Sound good? Great. Read on. Doors close soon.



I come from a healing background, so building a business has meant a steep learning curve.

I tried to model the teachings of successful people who operate much differently than I do, which left me frustrated and not able to create the business I dreamed of. It’s a profound ache to have a gift, or a dream and not be able to realize it.

I was blessed to discover Christine. Imagine having a brilliant, creative, laser-sharp business coach embodied in this accessible, quirky, hilariously funny, plain-talking, direct and supportive girlfriend who holds your hand to walk you through the steps of building a business (and she knows her business!) – and who will NEVER give up on you!

Christine made confusing things simple and made impossible tasks possible.  

I made $100,000 in my healing business the first year after Uplevel Your Business.  But the best part is that I did it authentically, using the value already in my business but never even realized was there!

Lisa Z.

I already had my own thriving therapy practice – but I was playing small, and slowly but surely getting tired. I KNEW I could show up much bigger in my work, for my clients, and in my HOW!  (Christine teaches this concept of the HOW.) I knew it was time. I was ready.

Using what I learned from Christine, I not only increased my income by $16K per year INSTANTLY – but my practice is now ALWAYS full!

Then, I’m expanded my services to include an entirely new program called Power Your Parenting™ – based on what I am most passionate about – mother/daughter relationships during the teenage years.

Christine helped me get clear and actually CREATE an amazing direction (and new income stream) that I never saw coming!

I went on to write a book based on the Power Your Parenting program — and am now a best-selling author, a national speaker – and still love working in my therapy practice! I’m playing big in every way!

Colleen O.

I’ve been self-employed for years. I had a decent steady income. But I was tired of working hours for dollars and needed help to take things to a new level.  

I decided to invest in Uplevel your Business — and it paid for itself in the first 3 months.   And…I’m NOT exaggerating here.  My business income has grown 150% in less than one year!

Now I have new programs in place for both of my businesses, and I am officially making passive income. And it just keeps getting better and better the more I apply what I learned.

Ruth D.

My husband and I own a local seafood shop, and when I started Uplevel Your Business, we were struggling mightily. But I did the work each week – and using just a few of the techniques Christine taught me, I saw immediate increases in our customers and sales. Within two years, we had surpassed the $1M mark, and after that we grew to $1.25M.

Kira L-D.

I didn’t have a business when I began. I only had an idea – and I still had a job.  But I followed everything Christine taught me… to the letter.

Within one year, I’d started a national association, I got my first 100 members, and had the structures and stay-in-touch/sales systems built.  

18 months later I left my position at the hospital, sold out my first annual conference in 1 day, had my first corporate sponsor and even more members.  

Now, I have 3 companies. I have a team. I work with several corporate sponsors, have hundreds of passionate members, sell out our annual conference nearly every year, and teach a revolutionary leadership program for healthcare professionals – things I couldn’t have imagined.

In other words, Uplevel Your Business helped me create, not just a business, but a movement.  If you want your business (and your life) to grow, don’t give this another thought.  Do Uplevel your Business.

Sue L.

Before I discovered Christine’s Uplevel Your Business Program, I didn’t really have a business. What I had was more of an idea. I knew I had skills and experience, but what I needed was a step-by-step road map to show me how to do start a business from the ground up.  Well, that’s exactly what I got. A simple road map with easy-to-follow steps I never would’ve figured out on my own! And within a year of going through the

Uplevel Your Business program, I had my first 5-figure month. Plus, I am making a better income than I ever imagined possible doing what I love. I am living proof that Uplevel Your Business works. Thank you, Christine, for handing me a map that lead me to where I am today!

Glad D.

Here’s what you get:

Access to the Complete Uplevel Your Business® Coaching Intensive

(Value = $1597.00)

Uplevel Your Business® Coaching Intensive is a comprehensive deep-dive training and coaching course that teaches you – from start to finish – how to find and attract your ideal customers and clients who buy from you time and time again, and create a repeatable system that is simple, do-able and makes money while you sleep.

UYB is an elegant combination of multimedia trainings, case studies, done-for-you templates, examples, Fast-Action tools, and Q&A archives…

…and everything is recorded, transcribed, and downloadable in multiple formats so you can access it anywhere, any time, no matter what your best learning style is!

Week 1 - Be the C.E.O. of Y.O.U.

I’ll help you build a foundation as well as create practices to live from the “Empire Mentality,” which means everything you do treats your business seriously, like the empire it’s about to become.

You’ll discover how to get clear on your core message and show up as a leader.

  • The Foundation Formula: A must-do process to unearth your WHY, connect with your clarity and own your message and value.
  • The “100K” Mantra you must live by that will transform how you show up each day in your business forever. (This is my personal secret for liberating yourself from struggle and resistance.)
  • A Starter-Kit of daily practices to keep you focused and aligned.

Week 2 - Identify Your Ideal Customer

If you don’t have a crystal clear picture about the ideal person you best serve, then you will forever deal with…

  • Lowering your prices to compete with others. (Ugh.)
  • Attracting clients who “can’t afford you” (or who just kick the tires).
  • Trying to figure out your “niche.” (Waste of time)
  • The feast-or-famine cycle of monthly ups and downs.

In this module, you’ll nail down (once and for all) the essential characteristics of your Ideal Client and learn how to attract your “peeps” to you over and over again.

  • The “Ideal Client Clarity Key” that aligns you authentically with the person you are here to serve. (And most WANT to serve!)
  • The 7 reasons people hire you, and how you can use them to take the mystery out of your message and compel people to call you
  • How to overcome the “I can help everyone” epidemic. (Which guarantees you will stay broke.) And how to get specific.
  • The #1 Solo-Business Blunder that very subtly turns people off and actually creates wishy-washy attitudes towards you.

Week 3 - Define Your Results and Communicate Your Value

Most likely, you undervalue yourself.  How do you know?  Unclear messaging, cut-rate pricing, and a whole lot of struggle. The problem might be your mindset.

But more likely, the problem is that you’ve never taken the time to get clear about what you actually DO for your peeps! You simply don’t know how to claim or communicate your value.

That changes here and now.

  • Why you are killing your conversions by sharing your process – and what to do instead.
  • How to turn “soft sell” offers into Must-Have results your prospects want. (Life coaches and healers must learn this one!)
  • But what if I’m scared of being an expert? No worries. I’ll cover specific strategies to take the fear out of positioning yourself as an expert or leader in your field.

Week 4 - Design Premium High Value Packages

Do you ever find yourself catering to people by: Keeping your prices low? Or offering hourly fees?  Giving discounts?

You think you’re doing people a favor, but the reality is… you’re keeping yourself and your clients small.

This is one of the greatest challenges to walk through when you Uplevel your business. It’s also one of the highest forms of service.

This is where you’ll learn how to package your offering so that you are providing the deepest level of transformation – as well as making a sustainable income that helps you serve at the highest level possible.

  • The 5 Extreme Shifts of Raising your Prices (It’s not as hard as you think – but it’s more than just tossing out a number.)
  • Strategies for designing your first “packages.” (HINT: You’ve already got the raw material. This will simply provide the framework.)
  • How to Get Paid to Create a Group Program and risk absolutely nothing. (This is how I made my first $12,000 instantly, with no product at all.)
  • My own personal tips on Formats and lay-outs to consider for the best results, fewest returns, and happiest users.

Week 5 - Automate Your List Building

Call it your “platform.” Call it your “tribe.” Call them your peeps. The name you give it doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is that you have a list of highly qualified, self-selecting people who look forward to hearing from you.

It takes know-how to build your list. And I’m going to take the guess-work out of that. And even more important, you’ll learn the best strategies for creating a connection with your list.

  • My go-to Strategy for attracting peeps and honoring them. (This builds trust super-fast.)
  • The #1 list-building mindset shift that will Uplevel everything instantly. (This one simple shift is responsible for tripling my income in one year.)
  • 9 sources of traffic that will build your list quickly – and show you how to automate it all.
  • How to focus on the core activities that will build your list right now, even if you are in start-up.
  • How to choose the mailing list system that is best for your business right now. (Don’t be tempted by all the hype. You may not need the most expensive system!)

Week 6 - Create the Best Valuable Free Offer Email Can Buy

If you’ve listened to all the internet marketing gurus, you may think that you can come up with any old crappy free offer, toss it up on your site, and people will just throw their emails at you.  

Wrong. (Or have you noticed?)

There’s a strategy to “free.”

You can build your list in a way that creates a high level of trust (and future sales!) – OR you can waste your time and turn people off.

One of my free offers has been downloaded over 30,000 times. And that’s just ONE of them. (And it has been mostly unpaid, organic traffic!)  This module shows you how I did it.  And how you can do it right.  I will also show you how to honor people by giving them something that they really DO want – something that will make them GRATEFUL to you and want to be connected to you.

  • 7 formats for delivering your Valuable Free Offer and how to choose the one that works best for your peeps and your service (without costing you a lot of money.)
  • My Six-Secret Freebie Formula for what to include in your freebie to turn curious users into devoted fans!
  • My own personal copywriting techniques, audio hints, and lots of other valuable tips to help you sit down and get this step done so you can begin attracting customers
  • An insider peek at some of the biggest mistakes you can make with free offers (and no, I’m not afraid to reveal my own embarrassing moments here, too!)

Week 7 - Get Your Website to Work While You Sleep

Please don’t make the same expensive mistake that almost every business owner makes! Do NOT go out and spend many thousands on a website. In fact, if you’re even thinking of building or re-building your site, please do this module first…

You’re going to learn how to build a site based in your new awareness of your offer and your message – and how to create a simple findable website that your prospects love to visit. You’ll also learn how to communicate with your designer and your programmer to get the best results.

  • Six website mistakes that actually repel people who would otherwise happily opt-in or subscribe.
  • My own simple secrets for creating connection and capturing leads with your site – no matter what page they’re on.
  • Opt-in box essentials. (You’d be amazed at how many people get this wrong and lose potential clients!)
  • The Three “WHY’S” of any effective website and how to make sure your site is doing its work


In addition to our training intensives, each week you’ll get your very own Action Pack, which includes thinking tools, clarity exercises, done-for-you templates, customized resources and samples to model, and checklists to follow.   Here’s a sneak peek at what’s included in the Fast Track Action Packs:

  • Empire Mentality Builder – Action Steps
  • The 10 Beliefs Turn-Around Tool
  • The 7-Day Messaging Tool
  • Uplevel Commitment Contract
  • Ideal Client Basic Demographics
  • Ideal Client – Desires, Dreams, Doubts, and Drawbacks
  • Ideal Client – Your Personal Clarity & Preferences
  • Article Application and Education
  • Pre-Written Email Template – Connecting with your Client
  • Clarity Checkpoint
  • Why They Buy Checklist
  • The “Problems You Solve” Worksheet
  • Features Benefits Results Clarity Tool  
  • Build Your Package Using High Value Components
  • Sample Package Components – Get Ideas Here
  • Name Your Package
  • Build Your Package – Put it together Here
  • Know and Communicate the Value of Your Package Components
  • Pricing Strategies and Mindsets
  • Insights and Action Steps for your List Building
  • Checklist for Automated List Building
  • Calls to Action Templates
  • Customized Shopping Cart Solution Revealer Tool & Quiz
  • Sample Web Designer/Programmer Ad
  • Valuable Free Offer Action Steps
  • Valuable Free Offer – Generator Tool
  • Sample Titles for Valuable Free Offer
  • Website Action Steps Checklist
  • Website Wellness Audit Tool
  • Website Groundwork Clarity Tool
  • Website Navigation Mindmapping Tool and Sample
  • Website Kickstart Checklist
  • Website Resources List
  • The Entrepreneur’s Demystifier 47-page Web Marketing Translator and Glossary
  • I’ll admit that I was really nervous about spending this much money on a business program.   As a veteran entrepreneur I’ve been through years of traditional business training and frankly, I wasn’t sure I had any more to learn.  

    As soon as I experienced the first module in Uplevel Your Business, I knew this program was different. The quality of material is far superior to anything I’ve seen before.

    And, using just ONE new idea I learned in the first few weeks, I got an instant return on my investment!   I’ve gone on to implement that same simple idea two more times in the past six months and generated over $5000 from it alone.

    Catherine B.

5 Intense, intimate and in-depth Strategy Pods [Zoom Sessions with Christine]

(Value = $2500.00)

During the UYB Coaching Intensive, you and your fellow Uplevelers will get regular access to me and my years of hard-won, hands-on business wisdom. We’ll dive in to mindsets, big decisions, current roadblocks, marketing sequences, team issues, sales conversations, you name it.  

We will meet for five Strategy Pods during theUYB Coaching Intensive, we’ll do it on Zoom together. I’ll coach specific people on issues, roadblocks and troubleshooting. We’ll all be learning and growing as a group throughout the program. (And yes, these will be recorded if you can’t make one.)

NOTE: I don’t offer private coaching anymore. (Clients have paid me up to $65,000 per year for private access to me – but I no longer have the time!) So this is the only way to access my 20+ years of experience building two businesses, navigating through the many challenges and then coaching thousands of entrepreneurs in their businesses.

BONUS #1:   Uplevel your Sales™:  A system for predictable authentic selling

Instant Access

(Value = $997)

Selling doesn’t have to suck. If you’re like so many solo business owners, you dread your “sales pitches,” let rejection drain the energy from your day, and wonder how you’ll survive month to month.

This bonus is your life-saver, game-changer, new BFF.  My students continuously tell me that, after this training, they love selling. And they love it when potential clients sign up on the spot with no coaxing or convincing or giving special slimy discounts.  

Here’s what you get in Uplevel Your Sales™:

  • My step-by-step process to empower your client-introduction experience from start to finish – including what to do after someone signs up. (People who don’t do this piece often lose clients to cold feet)
  • Simple pre-qualifying secrets that help you eliminate the tire-kickers in advance (before you spend lots of precious time and energy) – and get your ideal peeps even more excited to start working with you.
  • Exactly how to set up your policies, procedures, and scheduling – to make it easy on you and your peeps. (Systems that most people don’t even think about)

BONUS #2: The Entrepreneurial Coaching Library

(Value = $997)

What if you had access to every hard-hitting coaching question asked of me by purposeful, implementing, crazy-smart entrepreneurs just like you over years of coaching?  And what if you could get the no-nonsense answers I’ve provided to help them solve their biggest challenges?

Well, not only have we collected these coaching gems just for you…

…but – unlike every other program you’ve joined where it’s scattered all over the place with no rhyme or reason making you search endlessly for the answers you need – we’ve curated these coaching moments and deliver them to you by topic, demand and need.

So you get access to hours of my top Uplevel Your Business™ in-depth coaching calls broken down by the hottest topics – like “Hiring a Team,” “Pricing Strategies” and “Creating Packages.” Hours of rapid fire business questions and challenges from entrepreneurs as they implemented the steps and upleveled their businesses.

Here’s where you get answers to questions you wanted to ask – but didn’t – and to the ones you didn’t know you had!  And, best of all you’ll have these at your fingertips and can listen anytime you want…on your commute, at the gym, or while you’re making dinner!


(Value = $2500)

CLiCK is our most talked-about, anticipated, coveted retreat.  An exclusive 3-day hands-on, how-to, high-content event in the soul-infused, power-packed mountains of Asheville, NC.  

You, me, the Uplevel coaches, and Team Uplevel will all roll up our sleeves, create a vortex of focus, intention and strategy – and we’ll make your business success gameplan come to life!  You’ll walk away with clarity on everything from your marketing messages to your ideal client, a clear sales plan, new pricing strategies, and about 457 mindset breakthroughs. We will literally reverse-engineer the success you want to create – and break it down into do-able actionable steps.

Plus, you get to connect with other Uplevelers – entrepreneurs and small business owners who are, like you, committed to strategy, expansion, soul and success.  CLiCK is the only training available that creates a foundation of both Strategy and Soul to show you EXACTLY how to build your business with heart-centered success.

  • When I went to the event last year, I was holding my own, but still barely scraping by. Just being at there was magic because it was 3 days of being completely immersed in my business! But I got really lucky…I was chosen to get coached on stage! Christine coached me on pricing. I now have TWO clients investing to work with me for 3 months…and they’ve committed for the year!

    My practice is almost full, and I am on track to be a $50,000/yr business in the next 2 months. That retreat reignited the magic and the possibility of what I want my business to be, and I’m just getting started!


    Jill K.

Click the button below to be
informed when it (or other programs like it) is available.

A Note from Christine:

Hey, if the UYB Coaching Intensive isn’t the right thing for you, I totally respect that.

But if you want to work with me in Uplevel Your Business and CLiCK this year – then it’s time to make a decision.

And here’s the big secret about decisions in business:

You must decide from where you want to be.

That means you can’t keep looking around at all of your excuses and reasons, like you’ve done a million times before, and let them stop you.

It means you have to look to your future. You have to see your dreams unfolding, see the impact you’ll make in people’s lives, see the ways you’ll model success for others around you, see the vacations you’ll take, the stages you’ll walk onto – or even just the amazing office space you’ll have!

That person. The one doing all that.  What would that person decide?

Decide from there.  Because if you want your dreams, you have to decide you’ll begin NOW.

(And I’ll be there to help you make it happen.)


PS – My incredible team is here if you have any questions.  You can email them at:

Let me just share a few of my successes!

  • My list has gone from 50 to 1,020!
  • My Facebook Page has gone from a few hundred likes to 3,300! That’s right! 3,300!!!
  • I am so much more confident with sharing my gifts with the world. In fact, I have learned, WHO AM I NOT TO SHARE THEM?!
  • I am now helping families affected by Autism throughout the United States (instead of just my small town.)
  • I got paid to present at the Annual Autism Conference!
  • I have made more in the past 6 months than I made in all of last year!
  • I’ve never been happier!

Christine, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have taught me that I am worth investing in. I am helping so many more families because I now know how to reach them. This process hasn’t just transformed my business, but I continue to learn and love new qualities about myself. I am more aware of my limiting beliefs and how to break through them. My business continues to soar… I am so grateful that you have come into my life. Thank you!

Jen L.

Within weeks of the event, I finally created the amazing group program I had been wanting to do for months, raised my prices, and I got 11 new clients who happily paid my Upleveled prices for my very own proprietary program (yay!). I will be bringing in over $19,000!  Plus, my list has grown 300% since then too. Bonus!

I also got more clear about who I serve best, who I have the most fun working with, and how to implement systems that keep clients flowing in (instead of me scrambling to get them when I “ran out.”). This has led to the most unexpected shift of all: I have FUN marketing and I get more return by doing less, working with my favorite clients ever!

Ana N.

Thank you Christine!  Your Uplevel Retreat rocked my world.

I left inspired and empowered, with both clear next steps and de-fogged mindsets.

I did the work just like you instructed and I’ve had the best month ever financially! The tangible results are amazing.  In only one month, I more than doubled my average monthly income!

The best part though, is I now know, in both my heart and head, that I can make the income I want AND really serve the world in my unique way, helping people have less pain, better posture and much more happiness. Woohoo!

Amira A.

I was so busy doing everything that there was no time left for my creativity and inspiration to expand… I guess you could say that I hit the ceiling and was frustratingly stuck.

Once I understood Christine’s simple systems and was able to implement a new structure within my business, things began to change and flow again.

In one short year I have almost tripled my business – it was one thing to triple a five digit income but a whole new level tripling a six!

Barbara A.

Is The UYB Coaching Intensive Right For You?…

Having a successful business is a lot about knowing who you are – and then building your business structures around that truth.  With that said, I get to be selective about the people I work with. Here are my honest answers to your most asked questions about Uplevel Your Business Coaching Intensive and the Business Shred…

What if I have only an idea for a business but no business yet?

Having an idea is a great start.  One of the most common things my seasoned business-owner clients tell me is:  “Oh, I wish I had you ten years ago when I started this thing.”

That’s because when you set it up correctly from the beginning – you make more money – faster – with less struggle.  

In other words: if you don’t have this information, training, and guidance to help you, where will you turn? Are you simply going to rely on guess work and Google searches? UYB Coaching Intensive can shave years off of your learning curve. Get this now… That way, you don’t come to me in 10 years and say, “I wish I had you 10 years ago!”

Meet Stacey. She took Uplevel Your Business (and came to the retreat) –  and didn’t even have so much as an idea for a business! But she did the work, got the clarity – and look what happened…

  • I was a little nervous to do Uplevel your Business and go to the retreat when I didn’t even have so much as an idea for a business. (Plus I still had a job!) – but I really trusted Christine, and something inside just called to me.  While I was in the program, I got an idea and used every single tool and strategy – I couldn’t download them fast enough! – and started applying them.  Within 3 months, my business was doing so well that I quit my job. Within six months, I surpassed my corporate income!

    Stacey P.

What if I still have a job while I’m building my business?

This is how we all started our businesses.   It’s honorable and responsible to take care of your needs until your business does that for you.    With that said, plan on scheduling the time to do this work. Mark it in your calendar as “Business Development” time. Make it sacred, close your doors, and implement.  In the UYB Coaching Intensive, you’ll definitely be among other people in your same situation – and together you’ll discover that leaving your job becomes merely a matter of picking a date once your business starts generating income!

What if I live overseas? Is this a live training? Will I miss it?

UYB Coaching Intensive is not a live training. You can access the materials online anytime. You get to go at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

The only exception is the Strategy Pod Sessions with Christine. These calls are pre-set and are scheduled to accommodate many time zones. You’ll have access to the schedule in your members vault area.

My students and clients live all over the world. Uplevel Academy clients have flown in to Asheville to work with me from as far away as Guam, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Germany, England, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Hawaii – and many many more.)

How much time should I expect to put in each week?

The modules themselves will take you about 2 hours each week to do.  Our students report that the average time they put in was about 4-6 hours per week.  This gives you time to do the trainings and to use the tools and templates.

When does the UYB Coaching Intensive start? I travel a lot.

We begin the course next Monday.  And as for traveling – no worries at all. We record all of our live calls so you can listen any time.  This is also why you get Lifetime Access to the UYB Coaching Intensive program. You get to take your time and catch up at your own pace.

Do I get access to the entire program all at once?

No. And there’s a really great reason for that. Too many business owners think they know it all, have heard it all, and their motto is “show me the money!” So they jump ahead to the module on selling or the module on making money on your website.

But I’ve designed the UYB Coaching Intensive to create real-world life-long success. That means each module builds on the other. The work you do in Module 3 will totally inform how you learn to sell in your Bonuses section. This gets results. I repeat: UYB Coaching Intensive is not about tactics or magic pills. If you’re looking for a quick-fix, please don’t work with me.

How fast will I make money?

How fast you make money depends on you.  I won’t make false promises or claims about overnight income magically appearing. (Not my style.)   

But I do know that when my students implement what they learn, they see increases in income sometimes within weeks, sometimes within months, sometimes in a year. Again it’s about you and your commitment to your business… Are you willing to participate in the trainings?  Will you take these tools and USE them? Will you be on the calls with me and ask questions?

My husband/wife thinks this is all BS… How do I get them on board?

I’m not a relationship therapist, but here’s the deal…

If your partner is not “on board,” then probably what’s needed is deep communication…not some quick tips on how to convince them!  

If you’re like so many of my students and clients (and me too!), then you’ve probably spent good chunks of your time chasing idea after idea after idea.  Most likely, your partner just stopped trying to keep up with you!

So – I recommend that you let go of trying to convince or cajole your spouse. Instead, just be real. Be open.  Have a deep conversation about your business, this program, and why you want to do it. Show your spouse the modules, share the success stories on this page. Explain why this will help you and share exactly (spouses like numbers!) how you will commit to the program. And lastly, here’s a testimonial I received (he sent it out of the blue, unsolicited) from the husband of one of my clients…

  • A few years ago, my wife Sue told me she wanted to do a retreat hosted by Christine Kane. That retreat proved to be the launching pad of a global company.  Over the next several months after the retreat, I watched my wife design and build her company.

    In the years that Sue has continued to work with Christine’s programs, I’ve witnessed her sell out her company’s first (and second and third) national conference, skyrocket her association membership, begin working with huge corporate sponsors, and most importantly…become a powerful, excited woman living her purpose.

    At first I had doubts – about the cost, is this the right time, wondering if Christine’s coaching/content is really that good. What I’ve discovered is that this is real. My wife wouldn’t be where she is today personally, professionally or financially without the coaching & guidance of Christine Kane.

    Rob L.

You seem to mostly work with women. Can men join?

You bet!   Men are more than welcome to join!

And can I just say one more thing about that?

One reason so many women join is strictly about the numbers. The 2015 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report revealed that women’s start up businesses are on the rise, with a daily rate of 887 new women-owned businesses per day!  (Up 74% from 20 years ago!)

So, naturally, women are hungry for this kind of training because they can’t deal with the antiquated buttoned-up executive-speak masterminds that have dominated the business world up til now.    

Does this work for businesses that sell products? Does it work for MLM businesses?

If your business serves human beings, UYB Coaching Intensive will work. It’s designed to help you do all the things that a business owner MUST learn how to do, including identifying and communicating your value, your message, and your offer. And identifying, finding and selling to your ideal client.  It will help you understand how to leverage the digital tools of the modern day entrepreneur.

What if I’m an artist?  What if I’m an introvert? What if I’m emotionally sensitive?  What if I don’t eat wheat, work from a yurt or haven’t lost the baby fat yet?  What if I’m a unicorn?

All the “what if” questions are often our ego’s way of trying to stop us from truly succeeding.  It tosses these things out because the ego is scared you’re going to actually, you know, change – and it knows that these stories always work, right? They always stop you in your tracks. It’s the same old refrain:  “I’m different. This won’t work for someone quite as different as me!”  

In Uplevel Academy we call this “Unique Snowflake Syndrome.” It’s all the usual stories you’ve told yourself to remind you that you are too broken, damaged, or weird to be helped. So, is it true? Are you????

Your choice right now is to continue letting this get in the way or not.  Instead of allowing the same old stories to stop you, you can have the training and support you need to build your business, make lots of money, serve people at a much higher level and thrive.  (And aren’t you just tired of those same old stories?)

Try The UYB Coaching Intensive
Totally Risk-Free
for 21 Full Days


Try three modules (three full weeks) of  the UYB Coaching Intensive.  If you don’t love it, then I’ll give you your money back. (I’ll even eat the credit card processing fees.)

The UYB Coaching Intensive is a proven system.  It’s time-tested. I created it at first for just a handful of high-paying clients. They got results.   I used their feedback, and I made it even better. And then more people got results.

The materials in the UYB Coaching Intensive are now based on 20-years of building my own two businesses, 12-years of rolling up my sleeves working with clients in the room and on the phone, updating modules yearly to match online trends – and tossing out anything that didn’t get stellar results.  

In a time when flash-in-the-pan internet marketers enter the scene, take your money,  and scram… the programs I create have lasted.

This is why my blog is still around after 12 years.

This is why my business still serves hundreds of raving clients.

It’s why I get love letters from students.

And it’s why I stand squarely behind this program.

Here’s how I do it…

Try the course.  Do the videos. Hop on the phone with my coaches during the clarity hour.  Get feedback from my Uplevel coaches in the Uplevel Cafe. If you don’t get results, write to me.  Tell me what you’ve tried. And I’ll refund every penny you spent on the program.

That’s how it works. It’s the way we run businesses in an abundant world.  (And remember – in an abundant world, you have to show up, do the work, and be engaged. I’ve put a ton of money, time and energy into creating this program – so I expect you to use the material, apply it and make value happen in your business and in the world!)

So, you have nothing to lose.  (Well, except the cycle of feast-or-famine, or the never-ending feeling of anxiety  – but hey, maybe you’re into that kind of thing!)

Legal Disclaimer

At Uplevel YOU, we don’t teach or believe in magic pills. We teach and believe in living, serving and earning at a much higher level than most people think is possible. With that said, Upleveling your Business and your Life is about your personal choice, inner growth, and taking lots of action. So, here’s the deal. We are legally required to remind you that we do not guarantee your results, income or outcomes if you use our tools, templates, strategies or secrets. We are here to deliver high levels of training and content that will hopefully serve you for years to come. Will you get the same results as other people who have worked with us? We have no idea. (We don’t even know you!) So, it depends on you, your decisions, your actions and your level of personal accountability. Got it? Good! Furthermore, nothing on this page or any of our websites is meant to guarantee results – and we do not offer legal, tax, financial or any other professional advice. The numbers on this page and on any of our websites are illustrative only – and should not be considered exact, actual or a guarantee of your future earnings. Thank you for visiting! Now, go forth and Uplevel the planet with your cool self!

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